High Speed Access

Introducing 1Gb for Cleveland

Symmetrical Connection
This means that your Upload speed is the same as your Download speed. Why is that important? With today’s Internet, more and more of your work is being done on-line in the cloud. You’re no longer just browsing the internet you are actually working with the data on-line in real-time. 
Dedicated Access
Our high speed fiber network can connect you at speeds up to 10Gbps directly back to our data center. Whether you are co-locating your compute equipment in our data center(s) or locating it in the NCS Cloud Services you are cost effectively attached directly to these critical resources at speeds the same or even faster than your LAN speeds.
Moving to the Cloud
Are you moving, or thinking of moving your business critical applications to the cloud? Our high speed access services give you a leg up on that too. We are building our high speed network to include direct, dedicated access to the major cloud providers such as AWS. Connecting to us is the same as having a dedicated direct connection to them. 

Different speeds for different needs

Choose from two speeds, Fast and WOW! Really Fast. With everything the Internet now does for us, no-one should have to connect at less than 100Mbps. And our 100Mx100M service blows away the traditional broadband performance.

And when you need more we give you our 1Gx1G Internet access connection. That might be 10 times the bits-per-second but it’s performance is over the top FAST!

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